Neil gets cautious of Avni’s bitterness in Naamkarann


Neil and DD visit the prison again. Neil realizes Avni is trying to break the prison. He comes to meet Avni again, so that he can relieve some of her heartache. He gets gifts for all the prisoners. He tells everyone that he didn’t see such good mannered prisoners till now. He appreciates their good behavior. Neil gets a sindoor box for Avni. The box falls down, while sindoor falls on Avni’s forehead. Neil catches the box and sees Avni with sindoor. It gets filmi moment.

Avni gets angry when she recalls all her old wounds by seeing the sindoor. She is in jail because of Neil’s cheat. She tells Neil that she is here because of her husband, love is just a nonsense, marriage is meant to control women and rule on their lives, women are foolish as they hope a lot from their marriage, but they just get cheated from their husbands. She expresses her annoyance. She feels he has given her big wounds, which can never heal. Neil worries seeing her hatred towards him.


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