Laila to take Ahana’s blame on herself in Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara


Laila tries much to save Ahana’s marriage. She takes the entire blame on her. She tries to make Anant and Ahana’s relation fine. Laila defends Ahana. She wants Anant to accept Ahana. Anant tells Laila that he knows Ahana is much impulsive. He doesn’t get in Laila’s words. He gets annoyed with Ahana. His annoyance continues. Ahana vents out her anger on the servants. Anant refuses her calls, which makes her go mad. Anant thinks of her. He falls in a dilemma. Rehaan asks Ahana did she get her true face out. He taunts her, which upsets her further. Anant thinks to meet Reema and take her advice on his relation. Tarun resigns so that he doesn’t get more loss for Anant.

Anant doesn’t accept his resignation. Tarun tells him that he doesn’t want Gupta to hurt him more. Anant asks him not to worry, he is always with her. Laila thinks her friend has told Rehaan the truth. Her friend denies the blame and lies to Laila. Anant goes to meet Reema. He doesn’t talk to Ahana. Reema gets surprised seeing Anant. She asks him if he has some tension. He shares the matter with her.

She understands his personal problem is making him panic. She asks him to give another chance to Ahana, who is trying hard to save the marriage. Ahana prays that her marriage doesn’t break. She wants Anant in her life. She sees her happy future with Anant. Reema asks Anant to forgive Ahana. Anant doesn’t feel there is any use to talk to Ahana. Reema tells him that marriage is based on trust, he should trust Ahana and give her a chance to prove her love. Ahana accepts that she loves Anant a lot. She wishes Anant accepts her. Anant feels he can’t live with Ahana anymore. He doesn’t want to see lies in her eyes. He decides to part ways with Ahana. Reema doesn’t want his marriage to fall apart. The distance between Anant and Ahana get increasing.


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