Neil to employ Monica against Avni in Naamkarann


Neil finds Avni’s escape plans and finds a way to stop her. He makes Avni busy in yoga activity and instructs DD to clear the tunnel. Avni thinks Neil can know her plans. She thinks of doing something to save herself. Neil talks to Monica and learns Avni’s plans to remove Monica from her cell. He thinks Avni has done this so that she stays alone in her cell and manages to escape. He provokes Monica into opposing Avni. Monica tells him that Avni is mad, but she will not leave Avni now. Neil is sure that Avni will do some mistake when Monica challenges her. He wants to stop Avni from going to her cell.

Neil tells DD that he will not let Avni return to her cell till their work completes. Avni and Monica try to show tashan to each other during the game. Monica frames Avni, while Avni tells the jailer that she is not at fault. Jailer believes Avni. Neil takes the matter in his hand. He takes Avni and Monica with him for a talk. Monica doesn’t lose so soon. She provokes Avni to do something against her, so that Avni can get punished.

Monica tells Avni that she likes Neil, she will let Neil come close to her so that she can use his position for her motives. Avni gets jealous on hearing her plans. She loses her cool and gets hurting Monica. Neil gets the chance to punish Avni and move her to another cell. He asks Avni to cook the food and serve the prisoners. Monica gets glad that Neil has punished Avni. Avni serves the food to the prisoners.

Monica gets flirting with Neil. Avni turns jealous seeing them. Neil too reciprocates Monica’s move. Avni gets furious and serves him spicy food to teach him a lesson. Neil fails to digest the food. He makes an excuse and runs away. He sees a smile on Avni’s face and gets ready to do anything for her happiness. He wants to keep an eye on Avni. He asks jailer to stop Avni from going to her cell. Vidyut calls up Neil for a meet.

Neil reaches Vidyut’s place and gets a big shock on knowing Vidyut’s level of madness for Avni. Vidyut tells Neil that he knows that Neo can’t be caught. Neil tries to divert Vidyut by producing fake evidences about Neo. Neil stays cool and doesn’t get provoked by Vidyut. He says you can never get Avni, as she is my wife. Vidyut tells Neil that he will regret more if he delays. Neil threatens to finish Vidyut. Avni learns Neil has ruined her hardwork and failed her escape plans.


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