Raman softens his heart towards Ishita in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Raman asks the NGO women to stop the protest

Ishita gets busy in finding a child counselor for Pihu. She tells her family that Pihu needs help. She informs Aaliya about the counselor. She makes a mind to accompany Pihu. She stops Raman and asks him to take her along. Raman asks her not to come, as she is not needed. She doesn’t care for his anger and gets in the car. Raman doesn’t want her to interfere always. He plays tricks to get rid of her. He thinks she is troubling a lot and he has to teach her a lesson. Ishita and Raman’s arguments bring a smile on Pihu’s face.

Romi gets upset over Mihika’s move. He gets late for the business meeting. He meets the clients, who get insulting him. Romi gets angry while dealing with them. They taunt him about Mihika divorcing him because he is infertile. He think Romi is not deserving to lead the project. Romi can’t believe that they are turning down the project because of his personal issues. He fails to explain them.

Raman stops the car midway and thinks of a plan to trouble Ishita. He asks Ishita to push the car so that he can accelerate ignition. He fools her and makes her work hard. She feels Raman didn’t change even when he has lost his memory. Some men see her pushing the car and ask Raman how can he make a woman do this. They come to help Raman and Ishita. Raman makes excuses to avoid the situation. He makes the car fine when he falls in same trouble.

He recalls his past and gets confused. Mihika takes a stand for Romi. She asks the clients not to take rubbish for her husband. She tells them that Romi deserves the project as he gives his best to his work. She makes the clients apologize to Romi. Romi doesn’t get happy as Mihika has created the problem for him. He asks her not to make more fun of him. He doesn’t let her help him. He thinks his marriage doesn’t stand any chance now, as Mihika has completely changed.

Raman and Ishita get Pihu to the counselor, who tries to know her fears. Pihu tells the counselor that she fears to lose her parents. She tells that she is the one responsible for her family breaking. She feels guilty for Ananya’s death. Raman and Ishita worry for Pihu’s state. Raman sees Pihu feeling comfortable with Ishita. He allows her to stay with Pihu. He invites Ishita for the Christmas party. He assures her that he will manage Simmi. Simmi and Parmeet make a new plan against Ishita.


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