New troubles to come Naira’s way in Yeh Rishta..

Yeh Rishta Extreme step by Naira shocks Goenkas

Naira suggests Sakshi to tell the truth to Anubhav. Sakshi doesn’t agree. She gets scared of Raghav. Naira tells Sakshi that Raghav has to get caught. Kartik and Suwarna fail to know anything about Raghav. Kartik gets worried for Naira. Suwarna asks him to be positive. Raghav plans to avenge Naira. He gets prepared to enter Goenka house during the Christmas party and ruin Naira’s happiness. Naira gets a bad dream about Raghav revealing the abortion truth to family and making her away from everyone. Kartik consoles her. He tells her that her bad dream won’t get true.

Naira and Kartik get preparing for the Christmas party. Dadi finds their fights too kiddish. They both want to become Santa. Dadi finds a way to choose their family Santa. She takes their test to know who qualifies more. Dadi decides Kartik will become Santa. Naira gets upset with him. Kartik tries to cheer her. Aryan thinks he will become Santa. He gets to hear the family talking and praising Kartik. Aryan gets away from them. Manish and Suwarna stay hopeful that Aryan will understand them soon.

Goenkas invite Singhanias for the party. The elders ask Naksh and Kirti to go alone. Kirti wishes they all accompany them. Kartik turns into Santa to surprise Naira. He gets surprised seeing his pretty wife blinding his eyes with her sparking beauty. Kartik and Naira give compliments to each other. Raghav turns into Santa to take revenge from Naira. Goenkas and Singhanias prepare to celebrate. Aryan feels out of place once again. He thinks no one respects him. He longs for his family’s love.

Naira fails to convince Sakshi about securing her relationship by sharing the truth with her would be husband. Sakshi feels the things can get wrong by one small mistake. Manish and Suwarna try to make it up to Aryan. Suwarna wishes Aryan. She hopes Aryan forgives her. Aryan turns rude towards her. He dumps the gift and expresses his hatred towards Suwarna. Suwarna gets emotionally hurt. She feels she will need more time to win Aryan’s heart. Raghav enters the family as Santa. He tries to reveal the false news and ruin Naira’s relations.


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