Parth and Teni bring happiness home in Dil Se Dil Tak


The family gets worried for Parth, Teni and the baby. Kaki says they have gone to such a dangerous place, anything can happen to them. Indu asks her not to say anything bad. Indu and Dadi pray for their safe return. Parth and Teni get their daughter home. They have saved her from Madam ji. Parth apologizes to Teni. He didn’t think Teni would go to this extent to save his child. The family gets happy seeing them. They make Parth realize his mistake.

Teni makes Parth do sit ups. She tells him that he has hurt her heart a lot, she didn’t expect her friend to doubt on her like this. Parth does sit ups. Teni stops him and forgives him too early. He tells her that she has a big heart. Teni jokes and cheers him up. She tells him that they will be good friends like before now, she is happy that the baby came back and everything got fine. Parth asks her to come back home and stay with them. Teni and Parth’s happiness brings a smile on everyone’s face.


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