Prem takes a step to secure his family in Sasural Simar Ka


Aaliya is trying to get the magical box. She captures Mata ji. She keeps Mata ji at the point of a knife. She demands Simar to give her the magical box. She threatens everyone. The family has no idea about the box. They face a new problem because of the box. Aaliya has own motives to use the box fir her greed. Mata ji tells Simar that the box is powerful, it shouldn’t get in any wrong person’s hand, you can better sacrifice my life, but save the majority. Aaliya asks her to stop it. Mata ji tells Aaliya that her Mata Rani will never let her succeed. Aaliya jokes on her devotion.

Mata ji says you don’t know Simar and her devotion’s power. Aaliya says Simar will get the box and beg me for your life. She tortures Mata ji. Prem and Simar try to save Mata ji. They fool Aaliya with the fake box. Prem catches Aaliya and scolds her. He says you will never get the box, how dare you try to hurt Mata ji. Aaliya runs away from the house. Prem calls police and complaints about Aaliya. He then cares for Mata ji. Prem doesn’t want Aaliya to create troubles for the family again. Prem secures the family.


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