Anika’s kidnapping drama lined up in Ishqbaaz


Anika gets stressed thinking of the bad happenings. Shivay finds her too sad. He tries to pacify her. She feels guilty to spoil all his plans. She apologizes to him. He asks her not to blame herself. She feels he is doing an extra bit by managing things, which is actually her work. She tells him that she is failing to do her duties well, she feels bad that she is not qualifying as a good wife. She compares herself with the perfect lady Monali. Shivay tells her that she is special as she is much unique, she is not ordinary and she shouldn’t become ordinary.

He tells her that none can become like her ever. He praises her unique qualities which no one else can possess. He asks her not to try becoming like someone else. She gets glad hearing his sweet words. They share a moment. Shivay feels if Anika is getting too scared of someone and if she is repeatedly saying about someone’s presence, then maybe there is someone who is actually doing this. He thinks to install CCTV and know the culprit. Shivay believes Anika and her fears. He doesn’t know someone is keeping a watch on him and learning his plans as well.

Gauri tests Tia’s blindness. Tia acts to save herself from getting caught. She tells Tej that Gauri has hurt her intentionally. Tej scolds Gauri. He asks Gauri to have sympathy for Tia, as she is in this state because of Shivay. Omkara supports Gauri. They call a doctor for Tia’s checkup. Tia gets scared. She refuses for the checkup. Omkara asks her to take second opinion, which can be good for her. Tia gets the checkup done.

She goes to the extent of applying some liquid to get temporary blindness. The doctor tells Omkara that Tia has really gone blind. Tia gets proved innocent. Tej and Jhanvi ask Gauri not to be after Tia. Jhanvi feels Gauri is showing her true colors. Omkara takes a stand for Gauri. He apologizes to Tia. Tej makes Gauri apologize to Tia.

Anika feels someone’s presence and thinks to catch the woman. She goes to attack the woman. She gets a good surprise finding Omkara, Rudra and Gauri. They tells them about the woman. Shivay gets hit by Anika. Anika apologizes. They all get together to have a fun time. Shivay asks Anika not to try cooking this time, as he wants his brothers to have some food today. Anika and Shivay get happiness by their arrival.

Anika takes Gauri to show her the house. She boasts of her qualities and skills like that of a perfect wife. The brothers have a happy moment after a long time. Shivay gets emotional. They ask Shivay to come back home. Omkara questions him about taking such a big decision without thinking about them. Shivay doesn’t want to break his vow given to Jhanvi.

Omkara assures that he will talk to Jhanvi and convince her. Rudra doesn’t want any more separation. Shivay tells them that they will always be together. Omkara tells him that they aren’t happy without him. Shivay tells them that he is protecting them by staying away, he is causing many troubles for Shwetlana by keeping her engaged in the mills incident secret. He tells them that he will soon clear the family’s name and then he will face the family.

He asks them to keep the family united. Omkara and Rudra ask him to come back soon. Rudra promises to take care of the family if Shivay assures his comeback. Shivay too wants to return to the family. Veer will be getting obsessed with Anika and try to abduct her. Veer will be doing the Raavan act of Sitaharan, while Shivay would do anything to save Anika back.


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