High Five Spoilers

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Udaan: Chakor tries to stop the delivery truck. She tells Suraj that he will stop the truck if he loves her. She gets in front of the truck. Suraj has to deliver the organs at the hospital and get money for Imli. Chakor doesn’t want Imli to succeed. Suraj applies the brakes, reaching close to her. She gets glad when Suraj stops the truck. She tells Suraj that she is glad that he has sympathy for her. She asks him how can he sell organs of the villagers, does he not have a heart. She tells him that he has gone against Imli and Ranvijay by stopping the truck, it means he can fight with them. Suraj gets angry. He asks her not to expect much from him. She diverts Suraj. She makes him busy in talk, till Chagan and Pakhi get the organs boxes back. Chakor succeeds in saving the organs.


Simar struggles and manages to run away from the goons. Aaliya instructs the goons to find Simar. Simar is suffering because of the magical box. Aaliya had kidnapped Simar to get the magical box. Simar gets courage and saves her life. She hides from the goons. She gets much hurt in the process to reach home. Simar meets Mata ji and tells her about the magical box. Mata ji tells her that Aaliya tried to kill her to get the box, but Prem saved her. She says we got rid of Aaliya now, its good she has gone, Prem threatened her of police, don’t know what’s the powers of this magical box that Aaliya went to the extent of attacking me. She asks Simar to throw the box away.

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya:

Diya is blamed to cheat Ratan. Chote Thakur punishes Diya. He tells everyone that the traitor in royal palaces are such like Diya. He gets insulting Diya. He tells them that Ratan’s Pehredaar is actually his enemy. He talks bitter things about Diya. Ratan hears everything and stays silent. Yash asks Chote Thakur to stop it now. He asks him to free Diya. He questions Ratan. He asks how can he doubt on Diya, knowing she has risked her life so many times. He tells Ratan that he can’t punish Diya like this, this is illegal, he can go by law and protocols.

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:
Anami is caught up in a dilemma. She is trying to make Lakshya recover. She has faked her kidnapping to get his voice back. She fails, as the incident doesn’t make any difference. Anami’s plan backfires. She regrets on her decision. She feels responsible for everything. Dadi keeps a Mata ki Chowki home. Sudha plans to scare Lakshya so that he doesn’t name her. Lakshya gets his voice back. He gets too scared and hugs Satrupa. He slips in past moment and asks her why did she leave him alone in the guest house. He speaks out his fears in that very moment, which made him feel all alone. Anami learns Satrupa’s involvement in Lakshya’s disappearance. Will she learn Sudha’s truth?

Laado 2:
Anushka will fall in new trouble. She has got to know Amma ji’s truth. She is much shaken up. She thinks of Yuvraaj’s revenge. She gets ready for her Mu-dikhai. Yuvraaj gets smiling seeing her. He helps her. Yuvraaj then recalls his revenge motives. He starts to torture her once again. He has used Anushka to settle scores with Amma ji. Anushka is suffering so that she can find a solution to change Yuvraaj. She loves him a lot and wants to reform him.


Soumya asks Harman and Preeto not to tell her truth to the villagers. Harman breaks out the truth that Soumya is a kinner. The villagers can’t digest the truth. They get angry and tell Harman that they will not leave the kinner. They go to beat up Soumya and all the kinners. They speak against kinner community. Harman gets before Soumya and protects her.

Avni is trying hard to break the prison. She wants to take revenge from Vidyut. Avni breaks down and recalls the tortures done by Vidyut. She sheds tears to flow out the sorrow. She wants to prepare herself to face the situation. She lightens her pain. She tries to console herself. She gets too emotional. She gets out her frustration out of herself. She self boosts her confidence. She tries to find the blue prints to search for her freedom. She finds a secret passage and enters the place. She finds some blood stains there. She gets worried. She thinks to find an exit point from the secret passage. Avni will be unwrapping a big mystery.


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