Parth to dearly miss Teni in Dil Se Dil Tak


Parth manages the baby. He talks to the baby and says girls are too tough to understand, Teni has no time to attend my office party, but she wants to celebrate new years with her chawl neighbors, she has much time to enjoy there, she never listens to me. He complains about Teni. The baby starts crying. He asks baby to forget everything. Teni is really good, did she feel bad as Teni is her mom. He consoles the baby. Dada and Dadi take the baby from him, and laugh on his cute conversation.

Parth gets busy in much work. He tells the family that he has to go office for New year celebrations, but he has to handle the baby too. Dadi tells Parth that they will also accompany him, while Indu will handle the baby. Dada ji asks him to invite Teni. Parth says I invited her, but she has a party in her chawl too. Teni wants to perform solo dance in the party. She fights with everyone. She says couple dance is not suitable for me, I won’t dance with anyone. Teni tries to dominate everyone.


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