Yash to question Ratan’s judgement in Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya


Diya is blamed to cheat Ratan. Chote Thakur punishes Diya. He tells everyone that the traitor in royal palaces are such like Diya. He gets insulting Diya. He tells them that Ratan’s Pehredaar is actually his enemy. He talks bitter things about Diya. Ratan hears everything and stays silent. Yash asks Chote Thakur to stop it now. He asks him to free Diya. He questions Ratan. He asks how can he doubt on Diya, knowing she has risked her life so many times. He tells Ratan that he can’t punish Diya like this, this is illegal, he can go by law and protocols.

Ratan says I can do anything, I don’t care for any law, you can arrest me if you think I m doing wrong. He asks Diya to accept the blame, then he will free her. Diya tells him that she will never accept that she cheated him, she will tolerate any punishment. She feels broken. She has given many years of her life to Ratan. She can’t believe Ratan regards her enemy. Diya will plan to catch the enemy.


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