Chakor to direct villagers’ freedom fight in Udaan


Chakor and Suraj meet in haveli. Chakor tries to remind him their past life. She asks him not to shout. Suraj asks her to leave. They end up having a romantic moment. She enters her room. She sees Suraj and her pictures. Her old memories get fresh in her mind. Chakor reminisces the sindoor moment, when Suraj adorns Chakor with love. Chakor wants to feel Suraj’s love once again. She knows Suraj started believing her. She tells Suraj that they are husband and wife. Suraj refuses to accept it. She doesn’t let him go. She catches hold of him and begins her emotional talk.

He gets angry seeing her coming close. Imli comes there and spots Chakor with Suraj. She scolds Chakor for coming to Suraj’s room. Imli doesn’t like Chakor coming close to Suraj. She tries to separate them. Chakor wants the villagers to support her in ending Imli’s terror. Chakor has saved a child’s life again. She helps a family. The doctor tells the lady that Chakor has saved the child. The child’s mum thanks Chakor for help. Chakor tells the lady that the villagers have donated their organs to the hospital and saved many lives. She asks the lady to thank the villagers. The villagers agree to listen to Chakor and protect themselves. Chakor will be directing the villagers in their freedom fight.

Chakor trains the villagers to fill in courage and fighting skills in them. Suraj bears Imli and Ranvijay’s anger. Imli’s plan to sell off the organs fail. Suraj gets Chakor and her picture. He asks Imli about Chakor. He wants to know the truth. He asks Imli if he had any relation with Chakor. He just believes Imli. Imli lies to him again. She tells him that Chakor is evil-minded liar and their enemy. She wants to punish Chakor and villagers. Chakor will be taking revenge for Suraj’s slavery and village’s freedom.


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