Pihu to bring Raman-Ishita closer in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Raman and family organizes the party to cheer up Pihu. He asks the family to forget all their differences with Ishita for Pihu’s sake. Simmi doesn’t succeed to make Raman against Ishita. The family supports Raman in his decision. Simmi and Parmeet make a plan to take advantage of the situation and turn tables in their favor. Raman surprises Pihu with the Christmas party setup. Ishita gears up to meet Bhallas and celebrate Christmas with them. She looks forward to relive her old days. Ishita becomes part of the celebrations in Bhalla house.

Raman and Ishita have a dance in the Christmas party. He feels happy seeing her around. Ishita and Raman argue. They ask Pihu to come for dinner. Pihu ties them the shackles and goes away, asking them to sort their fight. She tells them that this is their punishment, she will not open their hands till their fight ends. She doesn’t give the keys. Ishita says our fight won’t end all life.

She asks Raman to think about being in same state all life. Raman asks her to stop nonsense. Pihu clears to Raman and Ishita that she wants to see their friendship. Raman finds it tough to manage. He says this will be our punishment for me. He thinks to call someone for help. Ishita asks Raman to agree to Pihu. Pihu takes Raman’s phone away. She refuses to give them phone. She clicks their picture. She switches off the lights and asks them to patch up soon. Raman asks Pihu to come back. Ishita likes getting bonded with Raman.


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