Ahana to get affected by Rehaan’s comeback in Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara


Ahana gets glad with the pregnancy news. She shares the news with Saloni. She gets hopeful that Anant will forgive her when she breaks the news to him. Anant misses Ahana. He lies to the family that he was thinking about Rehaan. The family helps out Anant. Rehaan promises to marry Vyoma. Laila gets revenge from Gupta by defaming her. She gets glad seeing the news. She feels she has taught a good lesson to Gupta. Gupta gets furious seeing the news. He lies to his wife about his affair. Rehaan and Ahana come to meet Anant. Rehaan tries to avoid her.

Rehaan apologizes to Anant for whatever happened. Anant tells him that he didn’t get hurt by his truth, he is more hurt by the lie. Rehaan feels sorry that he got late in alerting Anant. He wants to see Anant happy as before. Anant asks him to come back home without any excuses. Rehaan agrees to his request. Anant refuses to meet Ahana and leaves for the meeting. Ahana keeps waiting for him. She gets depressed, feeling their relation is getting off Anant’s mind. Ahana doesn’t want to give up so soon. She wants to fix her relation. She tries to break her pregnancy news to Anant. Rehaan comes back home, while Ahana finds the distance between Anant and her increasing because of Rehaan.


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