Naamkarann: Avni to get cheated in love again

Naamkarann serial

Neil and DD find out that someone is in disguise as Santa. Neil understands that Vidyut has come inside the jail in disguise. He doesn’t tell anyone that he has a doubt on Vidyut. Avni recalls Neil and sheds tears. Avni feels like hating herself for falling weak in front of Neil. Neil searches for Avni everywhere. Avni finds a secret passage in Neil’s cabin. She enters the passage. Neil doesn’t find Avni. He wants her to come back. Avni thinks the passage can help her escape from the jail. Avni gets a shock on finding Vidyut with Monica there.

Vidyut strikes a deal with Monica. She gets ready to help him and separate Neil-Avni. She tells him that she wants Neil, while he can get Avni. Vidyut likes Monica’s determination. He promises to get her released. Vidyut makes an easy exit from the jail. Neil asks the jailer not to let anyone in without permission. Neil tries finding Avni. He doesn’t tell anything to Neela, who may panic on knowing Avni’s missing status.

Avni comes back to Neil’s cabin. Neil gets glad seeing her. He hugs her and expresses his concern. He asks her not to fight, as he is tired of fighting with her. Neil just wants to see her and protect her. Avni and Neil have an emotional moment. He handcuffs her and asks her to stay in his cabin till he comes back. Avni struggles to get free. He tells her that she won’t get free. He wants to make her understand that he is doing everything for her safety. Avni thinks Neil has cheated her by love again. Neil leaves for work. Avni retrieves a way out to break the prison. She gets determined to lay a new plan to escape. She uses Neil’s absence. She gets the jail’s map and tries to hide it.


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