Durga’s epic win surprises all in Meri Durga


Sanjay has blackmailed Yashpal to tell the truth to Durga. He was not willing to tell Durga, but used Yashpal’s emotions in his favor. However, Yashpal breaks the truth to Durga that she is not their biological daughter. Durga finds it hard to believe the truth. Yashpal wants her to go ahead for the race. Sanjay tries to weaken Durga. He asks her to know about her real parents. He hits on her emotions. Durga doesn’t see the details about her real parents she goes for the race in an emotionally broken down state.

Sanjay thinks Durga will back out from the race. Durga gets into a trauma, where she doesn’t know how to accept such a shocking truth. She starts late, but manages to win the race. Her victory gets unexpected and epic. She refuses to know about her parents. She disappears from the ground. Rajveer and Sanjay learn Durga is declared as the winner. She doesn’t turn up for the award ceremony. Brij tries to find Durga. Yashpal and Annapurna worry for Durga. Yashpal receives the trophy on Durga’s behalf. Yashpal praises Durga being a proud father. What will Durga decide? Keep reading.


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