Mihika-Romi’s divorce issues crop up in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman-Ishita's arrest shocks all

Mrs. Iyer creates a scene finding Raman and Ishita handcuffed. She asks Raman how will Ishita stay with him, its about Ishita’s respect now. She tells him that Ishita can’t stay with him. She gets over dramatic. Ishita wants her mum to tone down a bit. Adi asks them to sort the matter, else they can sleep in the living room. Simmi asks Adi to arrange a key maker. Adi tells them that its matter of one day, he can’t manage any key maker at night. Parmeet assures that he will find the key maker. Ishita gets glad to get opportunity to stay with Raman. Iyers get glad with whatever happened.

Mihika takes a decision to divorce Romi. She decides that she will not stay with Romi. Iyers try to explain her that Romi did a mistake, but he is not bad hearted. Mihika asks them to support her. Iyers agree to support Mihika. Parmeet gets the key maker home. Simmi asks the man to hurry up and remove the handcuffs. Raman and Ishita get free from the cuffs. Ishita goes her home. Raman starts missing Ishita. Mihika and Romi get into an argument. Raman supports Mihika’s decision. He reprimands Romi. He accompanies Mihika to the court. Raman asks Mihika not to worry, he will be there. She gets glad that Raman is supporting her. He gets an urgent call from office. He gives his wishes to her and makes a leave.

Mihika and Romi fight in the court. Romi refuses to pay alimony. He seeks help from Ishita. Ishita supports Romi, which comes as a shocker to Mihika. Mihika wants Ishita to be on her side. She gets much disappointed. Ishita tells the court that Romi doesn’t have much funds to pay Mihika. She says Mihika knew everything about Romi, she has accepted him along with his weakness and married him by all his will. She requests the court to give some time to them so that they can resolve their differences. Romi and Mihika are advised to continue their counselling sessions. Mihika feels compelled by Ishita.


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