Ranvijay’s torture on SuKor next in Udaan


Ranvijay tortures Chakor, by the sight of Suraj torturing himself. Ranvijay commands Suraj to beat himself. Chakor cries seeing Suraj’s wounds. She can’t see Suraj in pain. Chakor hugs Suraj and bears the pain. The goons make her away from Suraj. Suraj punishes himself to prove his loyalty. Chakor asks him to stop. Ranvijay asks Suraj to beat himself more. Chakor accepts her mistake. She asks Ranvijay to leave Suraj, he is not at fault, its her mistake. Ranvijay says its your mistake so Suraj is getting punished. He catches Chakor and doesn’t let her go. Chakor tries to share Suraj’s pain and keeps her vow of love.

Kasturi makes an ointment for Chakor’s wounds. Chakor thinks of Suraj and runs off from the house. She doesn’t care for her wounds and pain. Chakor reaches Suraj to do aid to his wounds. Suraj realizes she worries for him genuinely. She has also shared the tortures. She tries to make him realize their relation’s truth. She asks him not to say anything and just be silent, till she applies the ointment to him. They have a moment. She tells him that they have always shared their pain. Ranvijay does drama and hits himself. He is angry after failing to Chakor. He feels guilty. Imli stops him. Ranvijay tells her that he has made a mistake, that’s why Chakor got a chance to fail their move and insult Imli. He apologizes to her.



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