Satrupa gets tricked into a confession in Rishton Ka Chakravyuh


Anami tricks Satrupa into knowing the truth. Sudha and Satrupa fear that Anami will know their truth. Sudha feels she has lost her anklet which could have fallen near the circuit board. She tries to find her anklet. She comes across Baldev. She tells him that she loves the family a lot, she wants him to be happy. He asks her to become part of the puja. She gets glad. Adhiraj gets Sudha’s anklet. He confronts Narottam about the same. Everyone attends the puja. Anami prays for Lakshya’s safety. Anami gets taunting Satrupa, who has back stabbed her.

Adhiraj meets Sudha and asks her if she is behind the short circuit. He shows the anklet and asks her if it belongs to her. Sudha denies to know about the anklet. Anami prays for Lakshya. Adhiraj asks Anami not to worry, as truth always comes out, no matter how much anyone tries to hide it.

Anami and Adhiraj don’t want to lose. Adhiraj comforts him. He asks her not to feel lonely, as he will always be there. He gives her Sudha’s anklet. He tells her that Sudha is hiding something, she denies everything. Anami feels Satrupa is hiding something too. Lakshya doesn’t say anything against Satrupa. Anami fools Satrupa and makes her admit her involvement in Lakshya’s kidnapping. Satrupa gets scared and admits her mistake to keep Lakshya in guest house. Anami gets a huge doubt when she learns Satrupa’s deed. Anami decides to leave from Lal Mahal. She wants to get away from Satrupa.


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