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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Pihu becomes the cupid in Raman and Ishita’s love story. She tries to bring them closer. She wants Ishita to stay with them like before. Ishita meets Pihu. She asks Pihu not to tell anyone about Ananya. She calms down Pihu’s fears. Pihu tells her that she wants a happy family again. Simmi tells Raman that her loss can never be covered, no one can get Ananya back. She tells Raman that Ishita has snatched her child and her happiness. She declares that she can never forgive Ishita. She asks Raman to keep Ishita away from Pihu and family. Raman tries to pacify Simmi. He gets enquiring about the documents Ishita has hidden from everyone. He thinks the documents can solve many mysteries. He meets a man who has sent the message to Ishita about the documents.

Tu Aashiqui:
Pankti makes Ahaan’s video viral. Aparna thinks its a right move. Manav gets angry. He feels Ahaan will ruin their respect, if he posts his singing video on net, what will people tell about them, they also have a music company. He doesn’t support Ahaan. Aparna and Pankti support Ahaan morally.

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya:
Diya arrives in Kesar Mahal. She makes a grand entry. She comes there as the queen. She makes the guards catch Chote Thakur, when he was trying to oust her. She tells Chote Thakur that she is the owner of this palace, She taunts that his good time didn’t stay for long time. She asks him to leave, as he can’t stay in Kesar Mahal now.

Laado 2: Anushka is getting tortured. Anushka’s heart broke after Yuvraaj’s shocking since. Anushka performs in her Mu dikhai. She faints down. Komal and Meera take her to the room. Tai ji asks them not to call Yuvraaj, its not needed. She sends them to look after the guests. She tells them that she will stay with Anushka. Yuvraaj calls the doctor for Anushka. Doctor treats Anushka. He asks Yuvraaj not to worry, Anushka will get conscious in some time. Yuvraaj turns caring for Anushka, when she is unconscious.


Naira wants to inform her family that her life is in danger. The phone battery gets low. Naira doesn’t lose. She tries to send a clue to Kartik. She clicks her picture to Kartik, so that he can understand her location. The phone gets dead. Raghav catches her again. He tells her that he will get punished any how, he doesn’t care if he commits two crimes. He tells her that he will not leave her this time. Naira sheds tears. Raghav dumps Naira inside a water tank. Kartik finds the tank chamber. He jumps inside to save Naira. He didn’t expect Naira to fall in such danger. Kartik saves Naira’s life. Kartik will be getting Raghav punished.


Shivay earns a new enemy. Veer gets after Anika, getting obsessed for her beauty. Veer and Shwetlana join hands to ruin the Oberois. Veer speaks out his planning to Anika. Veer is in disguise of a friend to Shivay. Veer tells her that the city is his Lanka, and Shivay can never save Anika from him. He wants to live with Anika. Monali unwillingly supports him in his motives. Veer’s madness will be soon known to Shivay.

Dil Dhoondta Hai:
Rishi exposes Sangeeta in front of the family. Raavi risks her life and saves Aaji. Rishi punishes himself, when he feels guilty for Raavi’s state. Sangeeta accepts her crime in front of everyone. She reveals her plan. The family gets angry on her, knowing her greed. Rishi gets Raavi home. They all get surprised seeing Raavi back. Sangeeta gets arrested by police. Rishi hopes that the family will have a peaceful union now. Everyone gets sorted in Rishi and Raavi’s life. Rishi wants to tell everyone about his new house. He decides to leave his house and move into the new flat with Raavi for a nuclear living.

The villagers feel cold in winter. Imli gets blankets and warm clothes. She asks the villagers to make her win in elections if they want warm clothes. Chakor stops the villagers from accepting any help from Imli. She burns the clothes crate in fire. She wants to bring a change in the village. She asks everyone to stay united and fight against Imli. She wants everyone to ask for their rights. Kasturi blesses Chakor. She gifts Chakor a saree. Chakor decides to stand in elections and oppose Imli.

Jiji Maa:

Uttara invites Niyati for the inauguration of Vidhaan’s textile company. Niyati gets too glad. She tells Falguni that Vidhaan is coming to pick them up. Falguni and Niyati reach for the inauguration. Niyati breaks a coconut, which turns out to be a rotten one. Everyone gets a shock, when a Baba calls Niyati cursed. Uttara lays this plan to hurt Falguni. Baba asks Niyati not to do any rituals. Uttara acts to support Niyati. She asks Niyati to cut the ribbon. Niyati cuts the ribbon. Power failure occurs at the same moment. Baba tells Uttara that Niyati is really unlucky for her. Baba doesn’t allow her to be part of the rituals ahead. Niyati feels bad. She thinks she is really cursed. Jayant asks Vidhaan to drop Niyati home. Falguni supports Niyati and encourages her to forget the matter. Meanwhile, Suyash’s old friend Dimpy comes to town. He forgets to pick her from the airport. Dimpy calls him to remind.

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji:

Kanak thinks of Maasi’s truth. She thinks Maasi is really up to something. She knows Maasi wanted to kill Uma before. She thinks why did Maasi save Uma’s life, Maasi would never save her enemy for turning great in his eyes. She thinks of Maasi talking to someone in internet cafe. Maasi speaks in English, which stuns Kanak. Kanak gets to see Maasi’s new side. Kanak tries to find Maasi’s plan.


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