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    Ishqbaaz: Veer reveals his planning to Anika. He tells Anika that he has done everything to reach her. He wants to kill everyone who comes close to Anika. He tells her that he won’t force her to become of him, but wants to win her completely by her will. Shivay fails to find the clown. Veer meets Shivay and offers him help. Rudra reaches Shivay to help him. Shivay asks him why did he leave Anika alone. Rudra shows him the help message sent by him. Shivay realizes someone has trapped them by making them away from home. Veer takes them home. They find Anika unconscious.


    Monica starts spying on Avni. She gets into an argument with Avni. Avni keeps her plans to herself. She stays alert. She asks Monica if she wants to give a chance to love again. Monica and Avni cheat each other by befriending. Monica tells Avni that she will not fall in love again. She likes Avni’s hatred for love. She tells Avni that she gets angry when she hears about love, which is not a deception.

    She taunts Avni about her husband. She asks Avni not to forget Neil’s cheat, else none will be foolish than her. Avni looks for blueprints. Avni hides the important papers from Neil. Neil tells Avni that he was keeping a watch all the time, as she is much important for him. Monica gets the blueprints. She understands Avni’s plan to escape. She then informs Vidyut about Avni’s planning.


    Kartik learns that Dadi has thrown out Naira from the house. He tells Dadi that Naira isn’t wrong. Dadi doesn’t want Naira to come back. She tries to stop Kartik. Kartik tells her that he will explain everything once he gets Naira back. Naksh informs them that Naira didn’t reach home. He tells them that he will not keep relations with them if anything happens to Naira. Dadi blames Naira. She tells everyone that Naira is herself responsible for everything. Kartik tells them that he doesn’t care for Naira’s pregnancy and abortion, he always knew this truth and didn’t let it come between his marriage. He tells them that he doesn’t care for Naira’s past. He asks Suwarna how did she let this happen. He worries for Naira. He worries for Naira’s life. Suwarna sends him to find Naira.


    Ishita tells Romi that she will always support him. Mihika gets upset with Ishita. She asks Ishita not to interfere in her matters again. Ishita tries to explain Mihika about Romi. Mihika doesn’t listen to her. Raman meets someone and tries to know about Ishita’s documents. Simmi tries to send off everyone from home. Pihu gets worried that Simmi may corner her and torture her. Pihu informs Ishita about Simmi sending away the family. Simmi goes to torture Pihu. She tries to beat up Pihu. Ishita confronts Simmi. She reprimands Simmi for daring to hurt Pihu.

    Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara:

    Ahana wants to keep her marriage at any cost. Ahana joins Anant and her picture. Ahana thinks to befriend Anant’s children so that she can reach his heart. She hopes the good news will fill a new hope. Ahana sorts Aarav and Roshni’s fight. Aarav gets easily convinced with Ahana, while Roshni still stays aloof. Roshni talks to her boyfriend, who asks her to meet him on a date. He asks her to spend some time with him.

    Roshni believes in his love. Ahana asks Aarav not to fight with Roshni. Aarav asks for her help. She asks him to help himself as sometimes person’s determination is enough. She asks him to make a wish and pray. Ahana tries to talk to Anant. Anant doesn’t talk to her. Anant gets unwell. Tarun worries for him. He asks Anant about his medicines. Anant doesn’t want to take any help from Ahana.

    Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:

    Satrupa tells Anami about Lakshya’s stay in guest house. She reveals that it was her decision to keep Lakshya safe. She expresses her emotions which went out of her hands. She tells Anami that she has done everything to keep Anami closer. Anami asks her not to tag her crimes with her love. She scolds Satrupa for falling so low. Anami asks Satrupa not to call herself a mother again, as she has just insulted this word always. Satrupa asks her to understand her emotions. She asks Anami why did she reject her love always, why did she not drop her anger. She blames Anami for pushing her to take this step. She accepts her mistake to abandon Anami. She doesn’t want to lose Anami. She tells Anami that even she is hurt by her behavior.


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