Adhiraj realizes his love for Anami in Rishton Ka Chakravyuh


Anami decides to run away from Lal Mahal. She makes a plan to secure Lakshya. Satrupa feels she has hurt Anami’s heart. She apologizes to Anami with a fear that Anami will leave her. Anami doesn’t listen to her. She wants to go too far from Satrupa. Dada ji consults Adhiraj about Anami’s security. He says no place is safer than Lal Mahal for Anami. Dadi tells him that they can’t tolerate anything against Anami, as they have already lost Vatsalya.

Sudha tells Narottam that Lakshya can tell everything her truth. She doubts that Anami and Satrupa are planning something. She tries to scare Lakshya again. Anami packs her bags. She makes a plan to escape. She confides with Poonam. She tells her that Lal Mahal was just imprisonment for her. Anami wants to return home.

Dada ji and Baldev confront Satrupa for her mistake. She sounds selfish to them. Satrupa gets questioned by everyone. Pujan tells her that she is not different from Purushottam, as they both had their own motives. Satrupa tries to explain that she didn’t do any sin. Dadi tells Satrupa that she will be punished for her mistake. It turns out to be Satrupa’s dream. She fears to lose everything. She doesn’t want Anami to tell anyone about her mistake. Anami decides to end Satrupa’s chapter. She gets emotional to leave Dadi. Adhiraj gets confused. He doesn’t want to let Anami go. He shares his problem with his sister, who asks him to support Anami. Adhiraj realizes he loves Anami a lot. Anami prepares to take disguise and leave from Lal Mahal.


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