Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara: Ahana decides to abort the baby


Rehaan and Ahana have an argument. She tells him how much she hates him. Rehaan tells her that he is bad and this time he won’t leave the house so easily, she can’t win. He tells her that she is just a guest in the house. Aarav and Roshni have a fight. She asks him to come back to their room. Aarav refuses to her. Roshni tells him that Ahana can never become their mom. Ahana gets hurt. Gupta threatens Laila. He tells her that very soon he will ruin her and give it back to her. He asks her to enjoy her lavish lifestyle, as she has few days left. Laila takes his words light.

Anant apologizes to Yamini. He promises to set her room the same way like before. Anant gets disappointed with Ahana. She tries to tell him about the pregnancy. She explains him her perception. Anant tells her that he didn’t imagine her bad terms with Laila. He confronts her for her marriage motive. He doesn’t listen to her. Ahana feels that its not the right time to tell Anant about her pregnancy.

She feels she is not able to fulfill a mum’s responsibilities, when Anant tells her that she is not ready to become a mum. Ahana takes care of Aarav. Roshni and Rehaan stay upset with her. Ahana apologizes to the family. She accepts her mistake of hurting everyone by her quick decision. Ahana meets Saloni. She tells her that she wants to bring happiness in Anant’s life. Saloni gets angry on Roshni, who is rebelling for no reason. Ahana decides to abort the child. She feels she is taking the right decision. She thinks of making this sacrifice so that she can make her bond with Aarav and Roshni better. She wants to prove Anant wrong. She wants a happy family. She tells Saloni that she will forget this happiness in order to become a dutiful mum. Laila hears about Ahana’s pregnancy and thinks to use the news for her profits.


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