Yuvraaj to rescue Anushka in Laado 2


Anushka is crying for her broken heart. All her wishes have got swept away. Yuvraaj is hurting her by his anger and arrogance. He throws her on the ground. He asks her to set her bedding on the ground. Yuvraaj says this marriage is fake, this sindoor and mangalsutra doesn’t matter, you are not Anushka for me, you are just Amma ji’s grand daughter, spending time with you will be a punishment for me. Anushka sheds tears. She faces the worse days of her life. Yuvraaj expresses his bitterness for Anushka.

He occupies the bed and sleeps with peace. He wants to hurt Anushka, so that Amma ji feels the pain. Anushka has ended ties with Amma ji. She is much upset with Amma ji’s past and crimes. Still, she doesn’t want Yuvraaj to hurt Amma ji. She thinks of Yuvraaj’s bitter words and feels shattering. Anushka tells Yuvraaj that till she heals her wounds, she will not lose. Anushka tolerates everything silently. Anushka’s clothes catch fire. Yuvraaj saves her life. He doesn’t want to harm her. He wants his torture news to reach Amma ji, so that Amma ji feels the same pain.


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