Mandira to trap Bulbul in Saam Daam Dand Bhed


Mandira is ready to cross any limits to get Vijay. Mandira burns the divorce documents, which she has signed on Vijay’s pressurizing. She acts obedient. She thinks to keep her image clean, so that no one can accuse her. Mandira plans to steal the divorce papers and destroy. She can do anything to win Vijay’s love. She uses Bulbul in her plan. She reaches Anant’s house by donning a ghunghat. She takes Bulbul’s avatar to commit the crime. Mandira shuts the door and locks herself.

The family worries for Bulbul, and ask Bulbul to open the door. Vijay gets worried for Bulbul. Mandira doesn’t want to get away from Vijay. She proves Bulbul has done this wrong thing. She stays innocent in Vijay’s eyes. Mandira wants to show that Bulbul has burnt the papers as she doesn’t want to get free from Anant, she is after Anant’s money. Vijay and Anant think Bulbul wants to keep her marriage with Anant. Bulbul’s decision turns shocking for them, while Bulbul is totally ignorant of Mandira’s planning against her.


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