Arjun to realize his love for Jia in Woh Apna Sa


Arjun and Jia end their distance. They have a romantic union. All their misunderstanding have ended. Their romance turns out to be a dream scene. Arjun dreams of Jia. He wants to get Jia in his life. Jia gets angry on Arjun. She tells him that he can’t become Aditya if he acts, she is not a fool, she can’t come in his words always. He shouts that he is Aditya. She tells him that she loved him thinking he is really Aditya, but now she knows the truth, he won’t get anything by fooling her. She hates herself for loving Arjun.

She tells him that she is very much hurt by his fake concern. Arjun tries to neutralize her hatred. He gives her a rose and apologizes. Chini makes an entry to blame Arjun. She scolds Arjun for cheating them again. Nisha sends the goons to hurt Jia. Arjun wants to tell everything to Jia. Jia fights with Nisha’s goons. A goon stabs Jia. Arjun reaches Jia and finds her stabbed. He realizes his love for Jia and recalls the past. His love gets Jia back to life. Arjun takes Jia home and gets her treated. He tries to tell everyone that he has got all the visuals of his past, and he regrets to not believe Jia before.


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