Shivika to make a plan against Veer in Ishqbaaz

Ishqbaaz spoilers

Anika gets panicking again. Shivay gets troubled by her. He gets angry on her and asks her to drop the knife. Anika breaks the things and points the knife towards Shivay. She asks him to believe her. Shivay calls her mad. He tells her that he really believes that she has lost it, he can’t bear her foolishness now. She says you mean I m mad, you can’t bear my madness right. He stops her and takes the knife away. They get romantic and express love for each other. They mock their fight to tackle their enemy.

Veer happens to come there. Anika proves she is really losing it. She provokes Shivay in front of Veer. Veer gets glad seeing their fight. Anika tells Veer that her husband is calling her mad, he has broken her trust, she has always believed that he will stand by her, but he is spreading the news that I’m mad. Veer sympathizes with Anika. Shivay stops Veer and says no need to pity her, you have seen how she has behaved, no normal person can stay with her, I m leaving from here, Anika can stay happy now. Shivay leaves the house. Anika gets crying. Veer gets happy finding her all alone. He thinks his plan has worked out.


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