Aaliya’s gambling addiction gets known in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Ishita gets the file for Raman. He talks like before and surprises her. She asks him to think if he has any lover before. The family learns about the property getting mortgaged. Simmi tries to instigate the elders against Ishita, but fails. Raman breaks out the shocking news and feels Romi is behind this. He says just a family member can steal the property papers. Ishita has belief in Romi. Simmi provokes Raman against Romi. Raman tells them that if Romi is guilty, he will not leave him.

Raman confronts Romi and asks him to accept that he has mortgaged the house. Romi blames Parmeet for this. Parmeet denies the blames. Romi tells Raman that Parmeet was taking care of everything and he is responsible for this. Adi accepts that he has mortgaged the property. Raman slaps him angrily. Aaliya accepts that she is guilty, Adi is just saving her. She tells Ishita that she has kept the house mortgaged to pay off her loans.

Ishita learns about Aaliya’s gambling addiction. Ishita stops Raman from hurting Adi. She takes the matter in her hands. She reprimands Aaliya for such a bad thing. Aaliya apologizes to her. She didn’t wish to hurt the family. Adi tells Ishita that he is sunken in loans, just because of Aaliya. Simmi tries to make Ishita away. Ishita doesn’t care for Simmi. She tries to solve Raman’s problems. Ishita meets Mani and Shagun, and tells them about Aaliya’s gambling addiction.

Shagun asks Mani if he knew this, why didn’t he tell her. Mani tells them that he was helpless to hide it. Ishita tells them about Aaliya’s move to mortgage the ancestral house. Ishita then shares the matter with Raman. Aaliya regrets for her stupidity. Raman reacts angrily. Mani asks him to help them solve the matter in a calm way. He tells him that they can’t punish their children. Ishita tells Raman that they have to find some solution to get the papers back. Adi and Aaliya come ahead to help them. Adi tells them that he will always support his wife. The family takes punjabi avatar to fulfill their task.


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