Goenkas and Singhanias to have a clash in Yeh Rishta…

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Naira's partial memory loss begins to inflict

Kartik rescues Naira and takes her home. Doctor checks Naira. Bhabhimaa gets upset that Kartik’s Dadi has hurt Naira. She warns Dadi that such things can happen with her loved ones too. Dadi argues with Bhabhimaa. She tells them that she won’t tolerate anything wrong. She feels she has done the right thing with Naira, who is a liar. Kartik takes a stand for Naira. He tells Dadi that he loves Naira a lot, he won’t care for any truth. Dadi blames Naira for the huge lie. She tells Kartik that she gave a chance to Naira, but she failed to defend. Kartik tells Dadi that she has done everything for her respect in society, she should have given time to Naira till he came back home. He feels Dadi is not his well-wisher.

He gets into an argument with Dadi. Dadi tells him that she is not great to accept Naira’s wrong doing. Kartik says even if Naira did wrong, its not a big crime. He tells Dadi that maybe Naira was a victim in her case. He supports Naira. He asks her to think about Naira’s pain. Naira gets consciousness and cries seeing the family clashes because of her.

Kartik tells Dadi that he won’t give her a chance to raise a finger at his wife’s character. He clears out that he will leave the house if Naira is ousted. He tells them that its his duty to protect Naira’s self respect. He asks Dadi to make a decision. The family doesn’t let Kartik leave. Manish asks Kartik to drop the matter and discuss later. Kartik tells them that things would have in control if they stopped Dadi from throwing out Naira from the house. Dadi unwillingly accepts Naira.

Singhanias get glad that Kartik proved himself a true life partner. Dadi and Singhanias get into an argument over Naira’s past. Dadi feels Naira has cheated Kartik. She gets insulting Singhanias. Singhanias defend Naira. They feel Naira is innocent and good-valued. Bhabhimaa warns Dadi against her selfish behavior. Manish doesn’t want relations to get spoiled. Kartik tells them that they will prove Naira’s innocence. Singhanias leave in anger. Manish fears that Kirti may be affected by this problem. Naira and Kartik find each other a great support. She apologizes to him for not believing him and hiding the matter by fear. He too apologizes to her for hiding about Raghav. He tells her that he trusts her a lot. He promises to always support her.

Naira tells him that she didn’t tell them the complete truth. She then reveals about Sakshi. Kartik makes her rest. Kirti tries to relieve Naksh’s tension. Naksh gets angry on Dadi. He wishes Dadi realizes her mistake. He tells her that their relation would have ended with Goenkas if anything happened to Naira. Naira gets threatened by Raghav again. Naira calls up Sakshi to warn her about Raghav. Sakshi apologizes to her. Naira tells her about the trouble. Sakshi asks Naira to help her. Naira regrets to hide the matter from everyone before. She wants to save Sakshi’s relation with Anubhav.


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