KaiRa’s baby drama lined up in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

KaiRa union to face high criticism in Yeh Rishta...

Naira tells Kartik that they should have a child now, as their marriage completed a year. Kartik asks her why is she in a hurry. Naira is determined to become a mum. She tells him that its the right time now. He doesn’t want a baby so soon. He tells her that he is too young to handle kids. He says we will grow up first and then think of having a child. Naira tells him that she is serious. He starts avoiding her. She pulls his leg. She asks him to think about the huge happiness which their baby will get along. She tells him that she wants to make everyone happy by her good news.

He asks her is she mad to demand a baby. She says its written in my kundli as well, baby has to happen. He tells her that her kundli reason is not valid. They start arguing. He gets worried. He tells her that he can’t take up this responsibility.

Naira then tells him that she is just joking, she respects his emotions and will agree to his decision. He happily hugs her. On the other hand, Naira and Dadi’s annoyance goes on. Dadi gets a leg sprain. Naira takes care of the puja arrangements. She comforts Dadi. She asks Dadi not to take any tension, she will manage everything. Dadi finds tough to forget Raghav’s matter. Naira tells Kartik that Dadi’s annoyance will soon end. Naira successfully conducts the puja.


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