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    Naamkarann: Neil manages to save all the girls. He hides his identity of Neo from DD. He asks DD to take all the girls safely and find out about Vidyut. Before he could go to Avni, Vidyut’s goons catch him. Neil gets beaten up. Vidyut gets praising Avni in the jail. He acts innocent and talks to the prisoners. He supports Avni for being honest throughout. He demands Avni to do the Maha aarti for the puja. He tries to influence Avni. He gets clothes and jewelry for Avni. Avni gets worried for Neil. She prays for Neil. She refuses to do the aarti.


    Kartik rescues Naira and takes her home. Doctor checks Naira. Bhabhimaa gets upset that Kartik’s Dadi has hurt Naira. She warns Dadi that such things can happen with her loved ones too. Dadi argues with Bhabhimaa. She tells them that she won’t tolerate anything wrong. She feels she has done the right thing with Naira, who is a liar. Kartik takes a stand for Naira. He tells Dadi that he loves Naira a lot, he won’t care for any truth. Dadi blames Naira for the huge lie. She tells Kartik that she gave a chance to Naira, but she failed to defend. Kartik tells Dadi that she has done everything for her respect in society, she should have given time to Naira till he came back home. He feels Dadi is not his well-wisher.


    Shivay gets helpless when Anika loses her belief in herself. Veer plans to take his game ahead. Shivay asks Anika to have medicines. She asks him to give her medicines to cure her madness. She tells him that she is ready to go away from him to secure him. She asks him to send her away. Shivay gets angry. He fails to explain her that he knows everything. She tells him that she doesn’t want to trouble him more. She says I have heard you telling Veer that I have gone mad, you are too good and didn’t say this on my face. He says I didn’t mean it. She asks him not to clarify as she also feels the same. She tells him that she wants to get away by her own wish.

    Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara:

    Ahana feels Anant didn’t learn about her pregnancy, which means she is not ready to become a mother, she shouldn’t get her child in the world. Anant decides to hand over the divorce papers to her. Anant and Ahana feel they have got much distant. All of Ahana’s attempts fail. She feels she didn’t win Anant’s trust till now. She decides to become Roshni and Aarav’s mother first. She tells Saloni her decision. Saloni supports Ahana in her decision. Ahana tries to lower her sorrow.

    Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:

    Sudha feels Anami is up to something. Satrupa gets restless thinking about Anami. Baldev calms her worries. Adhiraj reaches Anami. He stops her from escaping. He takes Anami and Lakshya with him. Anami asks him why does he always have to act great by doing his duty, can’t he fulfill his duty towards a friend. Adhiraj tells her that he is going to drop her to Banaras. He cheers her up by revealing his plan. He tells her that he has done this to ensure her safety. He takes Anami and Lakshya and boards a bus.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    Ishita gets the file for Raman. He talks like before and surprises her. She asks him to think if he has any lover before. The family learns about the property getting mortgaged. Simmi tries to instigate the elders against Ishita, but fails. Raman breaks out the shocking news and feels Romi is behind this. He says just a family member can steal the property papers. Ishita has belief in Romi. Simmi provokes Raman against Romi. Raman tells them that if Romi is guilty, he will not leave him.


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