A mixed dilemma for Yuvraaj in Laado 2


Anushka has married Yuvraaj, by going against Amma ji. Amma ji loses her temper and decides to end ties with Anushka. She does pind daan puja. She tells Saroja that she is doing Anushka’s pind daan. She says Anushka told me that she is dead for me. She is very much broken after Anushka’s big move. She expresses her sorrow that she now has to believe Anushka dead, when Anushka’s pain is still hurting her. Saroja consoles Amma ji and gives her hopes. She says Anushka doesn’t want to meet you, how will she knows about you. Amma ji stays worried for Anushka.

Anushka and Yuvraaj have a moment while she does a task to arrange clothes. Yuvraaj forgets his hatred for some time. He then realizes Anushka is Amma ji’s grand daughter. He gets away from her. Anushka tries to adjust in his family. Tai ji gives many clothes for ironing. She troubles Anushka and burns her hand by the hot iron. Anushka screams in pain. Anushka gets angry and tells Yuvraaj that Tai ji has done this intentionally. Yuvraaj doesn’t believe her. He tells Anushka that Tai ji can’t hurt anyone so badly. Anushka now has to face all the tortures alone. There happens a big drama when Anushka confronts Yuvraaj for doing injustice for seeking justice for his family. A lady meets Anushka and helps Anushka. She gives ointment for Anushka’s burns.


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