Naren and Pooja’s relation turns bitter in Piyaa Albela


Naina doesn’t want Pooja to get an easy escape. Pooja knows what Naina wants to do. Naina knows Pooja is faking her mental imbalance. Naren’s car breaks down. Pooja dances in the rain, while Naina stops her. Naren loves Pooja. Naina gives Mr. Kapoor’s phone and tells him that it was present in Pooja’s bag. Naren thinks Pooja is hiding something. Naina makes Naren against Pooja. Naina asks Pooja to continue her drama. Naina laughs and wishes all the best to Pooja.

Naren takes lift and crosses a journey. Pooja doesn’t know why is he worried. Naren gets away from her. Naren learns the truth of Pooja’s mental drama. He slaps her. He asks her why was she helpless to cheat him like this. He rejects her love, as she has hurt him a lot. Pooja tries to stop him. He tells her the wound she has given him is a big one. She has risked her life for Naren. Naren doesn’t understand her sacrifice.

She gets much hurt by his bitter words. He asks did you see my love, its true, I have always loved you, even when you were mentally unstable, tell me do I deserve your love or not, I was wandering to get you treated, I fought with the world for you and even went against my family for you. He is very sad. He doesn’t understand why did Pooja do this. She asks him not to tell everyone about this. She throws away the phone. He asks her why is she doing this. She doesn’t let him see Dada ji’s video. She stops him from seeing the video and learning his illegitimacy truth.

Naren scolds Pooja for her cheat. He tells her that she has broken his trust. She tells Naren that the truth she is hiding is bigger than their love and togetherness. The family celebrates Pooja’s recovery to normal state. Naren behaves good and happy in front of the family. On reaching the room, Naren ruins the place. He tells Pooja that there shouldn’t be any secret between them. Naren doesn’t want to hear anything else than the secret.

She knows Naren is a sensitive person and he may not accept the truth easily. He burns the room and makes a line of fire. He asks her to stay away. He divides the room. He tells her that she should stay within her side of the room. Pooja tries to explain Naren. He says if she wants to end the distance, she has to tell the secret. She tells him that he has to trust her love and not create any distances. Naren asks her to speak up the truth. He doesn’t want to believe her. He gets doubtful of Pooja’s intentions. Pooja can’t reveal the truth to Naren at any cost. She is helpless. Naina tries to hurt Pooja. Naina knew Naren’s anger will not get calm soon.


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