Ratan to marry Diya in Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya


Diya meets with an accident. She has got enmity with many people in Kesar Mahal. She has reversed Ratan’s move and names all the property to Ratan again. Someone plans Diya’s accident. A truck hits her car and leaves her injured. Ratan gets Diya home. Diya gets a happy welcome. She gets surprised that the family doesn’t hate her now. They shower flowers on Diya. Ratan unites with Diya. He forgives her for the bitter things. Diya has caught the real culprit. Everyone believes Diya was not after Ratan’s money. The family genuinely likes Diya now. Diya’s dream turns true. She gets emotional. She fulfills the tough task of protecting Ratan from a hidden enemy. Her job as Pehredaar ends.

Ratan gets Maan Singh’s letters and souvenirs. Diya hands over the letters and asks him to read it. Diya leaves him alone for some time. Ratan sheds tears reading the letter. He gets to know the truth.

Ratan learns Maan has given the big responsibility to Diya. He reads Maan’s wish, where Maan asks him to marry Diya. Ratan says I can never marry Diya. He feels his dad can’t be wrong about Diya, if he has believed Diya and liked her, it means she is really genuine-hearted. He apologizes to Diya. He takes care of her and tells her that he trusts her more than before now. He acts silly again. They have a moment. Ratan and Diya turn into friends again. Diya’s sister treats Diya well. She hugs Diya. Diya and her sister’s relation got fine. Diya feels everything got fine in their lives.


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