JD to plot a new drama in Tu Aashiqui


JD does a good drama. He tells Ahaan that he wants one chance from Pankti and him. He says once they get married, he will leave from the house. He cries and asks Ahaan to forgive him. He asks Ahaan to come home, everyone is waiting for him. Ahaan feels like pitying JD, getting influenced by his drama. Pankti doesn’t know what is JD planning. She refuses to go to JD’s house. JD accepts all his mistakes. He tells them how much he is repenting. He tells Ahaan that he has failed to make him believe that he has changed.

He says I have thought to change everything, but seems my crimes will never leave me. Ahaan tells JD that he can’t come along if Pankti is not willing to. JD gets a gun and points at himself to emotionally blackmail them. Ahaan’s heart melts. He forgives JD and agrees to go home with him. JD succeeds in convincing them. Pankti believes in Ahaan. Ahaan explains her that he will be with her. He takes her home, while Anita and Purva fail to understand the happening.


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