Maasi to get Uma arrested in Tu Sooraj…


Uma Shankar gets arrested. Kanak asks Ved to help her out in freeing Uma. Maasa tells police that Paulmi died because of Uma, she was madly in love with Uma. Kanak tells Ved that Maasi is lying. Maasi has played a big game. Paulmi fakes death. Ved checks the evidences, which are against Paulmi. Maasi doesn’t want Uma to get saved. Vansh stops Ved from arresting Uma. Bhabho doesn’t understand anything. She hopes Kanak and Uma get saved from this trouble. Vansh and Ved fight because of Kanak.

Vansh calls Ved blind for his laws. Ved blames Vansh for badly influencing Kanak. Vansh argues a lot. Payal slaps Vansh. Bhabho asks them to stop it and think of making the situation fine. Paulmi wants to save Uma from police. Maasi tells Paulmi that she is planning to send Uma and Paulmi to Bangkok. She asks Gabbasa to send off the couple. Maasi convinces Paulmi to let their plan go on.


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