Tej to end ties with Gauri in Ishqbaaz


Tej disowns Omkara and Gauri. He tells the family that he has no terms with his son and daughter-in-law anymore. Its only because of Tia’s plottings. Tej does final rites of Gauri. Tej vents out his anger on Gauri. Dadi asks Tej to stop it. Tej holds Gauri responsible for breaking father-son. He says Gauri is dead for me, she is not Omkara’s wife now, she is not our bahu. He throws out Gauri from the house. Dadi tells Tej that Gauri can’t leave, as she is a part of family. Omkara asks Tej to leave his foolishness. Omkara doesn’t want anyone to snatch Gauri’s rights. Tej tells everyone that he can’t tolerate Gauri’s loyalty for Shivay and Anika. The Oberoi mansion has divided.

Tej has told all his family members not to cross the partition line. Gauri has gone to Shakti and Pinky to help, which infuriates Tej. Shivay learns about Gauri’s Shraddh puja done by Tej.

Pinky informs him about Tej’s anger. She asks him to come home. Shivay tells her that the elders are not letting his brothers live in peace. He gets angry on her. He asks her why is she calling him back in that house where bahu’s Shraddh is getting done. He tells her that Omkara and Gauri came to his house, after Tej’s bad deed. He asks Pinky why did she not stop Tej from this move. He tells Pinky that he will always support Omkara and Gauri. Tia’s conspiracy to throw out Gauri gets succeeded.


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