Diya looks forward for a fresh start in Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya


Ratan and Diya’s relation gets a new start. Ratan surprises Diya. He makes her feel special. Diya’s farewell gets celebrated. Ratan and the family are happy that the danger on Ratan’s life has ended, and now Diya can live her own life. Ratan says everyone got free from Diya now. Diya cuts the cake and feeds everyone. Diya likes the cake. Ratan tells her that he will miss her, but he is happy that she will not boss around, he can go to pubs and party, he is free now. Diya laughs on his plannings.

He says I won’t need your permission, I will fulfill all my dreams. She asks him why is he doing the drama, she knows he will miss her a lot. Ratan hugs her and gets emotional. Diya goes her home. She meets her family after 12 years. She gets too emotional meeting her parents. Diya’s mum heartily hugs her, while her dad stays angry as she has decided to leave the house by her own wish. He tells Diya that she didn’t listen to them and left them to protect Ratan, and now things aren’t the same here. He stays annoyed with Diya. Diya is sure to convince her dad.


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