Shorvori to witness Parth-Teni’s marriage in Dil Se Dil Tak


Parth and Teni go ahead for their marriage. Teni has many dreams for her new life. Teni has been waiting for this day since long. Parth compliments Teni. Bhanushalis get happy. The family wanted Parth and Teni to live together and raise their daughter. Indu takes Teni to the mandap. Parth and Teni exchange the garlands Jaimala ritual. They take seven rounds and vows of marriage. Parth and Teni get married. Shorvori comes home and sees the guests. She wonders what’s happening. She then realizes Parth has married Teni. Shorvori receives a big shock.

She sheds tears seeing the marriage. She feels she has lost everything. She hides her identity from everyone and gets back. She thinks she always wanted Teni to marry Parth, and now when they got married, she can’t break them apart. Shorvori was in coma since three months and got recovered. She wants to tell Parth that she is back. She just wants Parth’s happiness. Shorvori tries to leave. Kaki collides with her and asks her who is she. Shorvori runs away. Teni’s bidaai happens. Parth promises to become a dutiful husband for Teni and cheers her up.


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