Uttara’s wicked plan to ruin Falguni’s life in Jiji Maa

Jiji Maa Uttara to snatch Falguni's child

Uttara makes a wicked plan against Falguni. She tells Shom that she is organizing a peace puja just to execute her planning. She wants to hurt Falguni. She knows Falguni is getting famous and earning money just by her talents. She tells Shom that Falguni is able to work and make unique designs just by her hands, and if Falguni loses her hands, all her talent will go waste getting stuck in just her mind. She makes a plan to injure Falguni’s hands, so that Falguni never dares to work.

Uttara keeps a puja in Falguni’s house and tells her to perform some rituals. She lies to Falguni. She makes Falguni dip hands in the hot oil, which completely burns Falguni’s hands. The family gets a big shock with Falguni’s disaster. Falguni gets treated by the doctor. She fails to work. Zeenat reveals to Falguni that her hands will never get fine. Falguni breaks down knowing all her hardwork and dreams got down. Uttara ruins Falguni’s hands, talent and prestige. She celebrates her victory.


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