Kidnapping twist to call in huge drama in Udaan


Chakor and Suraj have a tashan moment. Chakor flies the kite along with the villagers. Suraj stays by her side. He repents to do wrong with her. He doesn’t know Imli wants him to do something more evil. Chakor and Imli have a kite flying competition. Imli calls Chakor as Didi for the last time. She indirectly threatens Chakor. Chakor scolds her in return. Chakor says relations between us have ended, no one can play such a bad game than you, you have struck on my respect, you will never be able to break me, you will always lose. Imli tries to break Chakor by emotions. Chakor tells Imli that villagers will know who is more mighty.

The villagers cheer for Chakor. Suraj supports Chakor. Chakor’s hand gets hurt by the sharp thread. Suraj cares for her. He helps her in flying the kite. Chakor is very angry on him. He feels guilty. He is still loyal to Imli. He is in dilemma over his feelings. Chakor wins in the competition.

The villagers celebrate her victory. Chakor makes Imli bite dust. Imli and Ranvijay plan everything and act in front of the villagers. They aim to kill Chakor. Imli accepts her defeat and leaves from the village. Chakor’s love for him gets into hatred. Chakor and Suraj have a fight in the jungle. Imli has sent Suraj to kidnap Chakor. She has commanded him to kill Chakor. Chakor doesn’t want to give any rights to Suraj again.

Chakor tells Suraj that he can’t kill her. He doesn’t want to kill Chakor, but he is helpless. Chakor warns Suraj against coming in her way. Ranvijay comes to attack Chakor. He points gun at Chakor and captures her. He asks Suraj is he not ashamed to lose out to a girl. Chakor asks Suraj why is he coming in Ranvijay’s words, does he not have a heart. Suraj doesn’t listen to her and keeps her captive. Chakor gets kidnapped. Ranvijay orders Suraj to kill Chakor. Will Suraj fulfill the bad command or follow his heart? Keep reading.


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