Raman gets hurt by Ishita’s disregard in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Raman asks the NGO women to stop the protest

Ruhi scolds the employees. She gets too rude to them, which makes them do a harsh thing. They lock up Ruhi in the store room to teach her a lesson. Ruhi understands the employees have done this. She gets too angry. Adi learns the employees’ mistake. They all clarify their move. Adi gets Ruhi out of the store room. He explains her work ethics. He tells her that she can’t treat her employees in a bad way. He asks her to understand her employees and make them turn in her favor again. Ruhi then apologizes to her employees. She understands them and tries to work together.

Meanwhile, Shagun gets Ishita home. Mani and Shagun try to cheer up Ishita by replaying their old friendship. Mani thanks Shagun for getting Ishita home. Raman feels guilty when Adi makes him realize his mistake. Adi asks Raman to apologize to Ishita. Raman learns Ishita has been by his side till he recovered. He thinks of his bad behavior towards her.

Adi sends Raman to Mani’s house. Raman meets Ishita. Ishita tells Mani that she can’t meet Raman, according to the promise she made to Raman’s dad. Shagun and Mani try to manage the situation and block Ishita. Raman tells them that he just wants to meet Ishita and thank her. They stop Raman by lying to him. Shagun tells Mani that Ishita is stuck because of her promise. Raman keeps trying to reach Ishita and apologize to her. She feels sorry that she is limiting herself and hurting him more. Raman asks Ishita to meet him just once. She doesn’t agree to him. She tells Raman that she can’t meet him. She forgives him and asks him to leave. Raman gets restless.

Ruhi bonds with the employees. She asks them to think for the company’s good. She thanks the employees and gives them gifts to have a special apology. She tells the employees that they are like her family. The employees forgive Ruhi. Adi informs Romi about Raman and Ishita’s meet. Romi gets hopeful that Ishita will come home. Mihika spoils their plans. Ishita will be making a comeback in Bhalla house by a different avatar and identity.


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