Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara: Rehaan to take a stand for Ahana


Ahana gets concerned for Laila. She bonds with Laila from her heart. She forgives Laila for everything and takes care of her. Laila gets emotional when she receives love from Ahana. Ahana thinks of her bitterness towards Laila. She feels sorry for everything. She doesn’t want to lose Laila. Rehaan consoles Ahana. His feelings gets out of control. He reaches Ahana with an assurance that he will always be there for her. He tells Ahana that she can still look after Laila and set everything fine between them. His humble words relieve her. He tells her that Laila will soon be fine.

Anant meets Ahana, which makes her glad. He makes work excuses again. He tells her that he will be back in few days. Ahana understands his smart ways to distant away. She questions him about their love disappearing from their relation. She tells Anant that she can realize everything, what he is up to and what he is doing. She asks him does he not love her now. She tells him to express his true feelings on her face. Anant denies to have any confusion.

She tells him that they need to talk out about their relation. She apologizes to him for everything that happened between them. She tells him that she is equally hurt. She asks him to give a deserving chance to their relation, completely from heart. She accepts her mistake. She openly talks to him about her feelings and pain. She tells him that she understands his moves, that is just spoiling their relation. She accuses him for not keeping their relationship.


Meanwhile, Roshni’s hatred for Ahana intensifies. She doesn’t want Ahana to return home. She wants Ahana to get out of Anant’s life. Roshni convinces Anant to take her along on the business trip, so that she can spend time with him. She hides her intentions of cutting off his ties with Ahana completely. Rehaan finds Ahana sad. He feels guilty. He understands things between Anant and Ahana aren’t fine. He wishes happiness for both of them. Gupta reaches the hospital to trouble Laila and his daughters. Ahana takes a stand to stop Gupta. Gupta gets insulting Ahana and Saloni. Rehaan gets into the matter and takes charge. He distances Gupta from Raichand sisters. Rehaan can’t see anyone hurting Ahana’s emotions. He defends Ahana, much to her surprise. Rehaan then realizes Ahana is slipping into depression.


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