Teni-Parth to search for Shorvori in Dil Se Dil Tak

Teni and Shovrori in Dil Se Dil Tak

Teni and Parth have a ring finding ceremony. Teni wins the game. Parth finds Teni’s behavior getting strange. He asks her not to take any stress. She tells him that their relation has changed now and she is thinking just as his wife now. She gets worried thinking of the new responsibilities coming on her head. He puts her to sleep. Teni wakes up late and gets taunts by Kaki. Kaki reminds Teni that she is their bahu now and she has to take care of everyone.

She asks Teni to cook sweets in her first rasoi ritual. Kaki asks Teni to show her magic and wishes all the best. She tells Teni that her mu-dikhai ritual is also scheduled on the same day. Dada ji doesn’t like Kaki commanding Teni. He asks her to leave her Saas avatar and give some relief to Teni. He shows his trust on Teni. He supports Teni.

The family decides to surprise Teni by sending her to US for honeymoon. Teni changes her US plans. She tells the family that she will prefer to go Nainital. Parth has seen a news footage and spotted Shorvori. He has told Teni that he doubts Shorvori is alive and she is in Nainital. Teni and Parth decide to go there and find Shorvori. They make an excuse of honeymoon and hide their real motive. The family blesses Parth and Teni.


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