Ishita to enter Bhalla family again in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Ishita stays adamant and doesn’t meet Raman, which hurts him a lot. Raman leaves for home. Adi and Romi argue with Simmi. Simmi and Mihika get against the family. Romi scolds them for having hatred for Ishita. Simmi prepares a drama to get Raman on her side. She apologizes to him for giving him wrong information. Raman misses Ishita. Raman falls sick. Ishita gets informed about Raman’s sickness. She worries that she can’t meet Raman because of the promise. She feels Simmi may hurt Raman again.

Shagun tells Ishita that she will look after Raman. She asks Ishita to come along to her NGO in mean time. Shagun helps a woman. Ishita comes up with an idea to know about Raman’s medical reports and learn the reason behind his prolonged illness. Shagun and Ishita learn that Raman is still taking the harmful medicines.

Ishita tells Shagun that Raman won’t believe them if they try to expose Simmi without any proof. Shagun asks her to try something out. Ishita decides to return to Bhalla house with a different identity. She doesn’t want anyone to harm Raman. Shagun fools the family and tells them that she has got a lady from NGO, who is badly in need of work. She introduces Ishita as Shanno. She suggests the Bhallas to hire Shanno as the maid. Ishita convinces Raman to hire her, by sharing her sorrowful tale. Simmi gets keen to know Shanno’s truth.


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