Mandira gets hell-bent to win Vijay in Saam Daam Dand Bhed

Saam Daam Dand Bhed: Mandira to double troubles for Vijay

Bulbul will be getting happiness back in her life. Mandira’s planning get exposed in front of Anant and Vijay. Vijay throws out Mandira from his life. He starts a new life with Bulbul. Bulbul makes prayers and thanks Lord for returning Vijay to him. Bhabho asks Bulbul to start a happy married life by forgetting whatever happened till now. She is hopeful that everything will get fine with Bulbul’s coming. Vijay is upset over Mandira’s doings. Bulbul never doubted on Mandira. She feels sad for Mandira’s fate. Bulbul tries to focus on Vijay and their relation. Mandira will crop new problems for Bulbul and Vijay.

Mandira’s plan badly fails. Mandira gets trapped in a marriage with Anant. Mrinal gives the Kuldevi sindoor to Mandira and tells her that its a blessing for her. Mandira can’t lose so soon. She intentionally drops the sindoor.

Mrinal gets angry and yells on Mandira. Mandira is not happy with the marriage. Anant loves her a lot. She uses his feelings in her favor. She does an emotional drama. Mandira’s bitter words hurt him. He tells her that she isn’t the girl he wanted to marry. She tells him that she doesn’t love him, she can’t accept him, after all she is also a human. He tells her that he will wait till she accepts him and their relation happily. Mandira will try to get back in Vijay’s life.


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