Naamkarann: Neil adapts a new avatar to counter Vidyut


Ballu informs Vidyut that Neil has left the city. Neil takes a sardar’s disguise. He takes a job of security guard to stay with Vidyut and find out Neela. Vidyut doubts on Neil. He asks his men to get all the background details of the new guard. Neil produces fake documents. Vidyut gets impressed seeing his work experience. He hires Neil. He tries to confirm about his last work. Neil gets worried. He then proves his identity to Vidyut by Ali’s help. Vidyut gets unwell suddenly.

Neil tries to spy on his house in his absence. He learns Vidyut’s preparations. He couldn’t understand Vidyut’s ultimate plan. Vidyut gets treated. Neil tries to fail Vidyut’s plans. On the other hand, Sunehri finds Avni making an escape plan. She plans to foil Avni’s efforts. Avni tells Ragini Pandit that they shall escape at night. Jailer helps them work out their plan.

Elsewhere, Neela struggles and tries to find a way to escape. She gets into a fight with the goons. Neela gets hopeful that once she gets free, she will prove Avni’s innocence. Avni learns about jailer’s move to make everyone fall asleep. Avni and Ragini Pandit try to run away. Avni lays the glass pieces to hurt Ragini Pandit. Avni gets a big shock when Sunehri gets hurt instead Ragini Pandit. Avni frames Ragini Pandit in the prison breaking accusations.

Neela tries hard to run away. Neil reaches her to help, but she doesn’t identify him. Neela gets out of his reach. Neil tells Vidyut’s men that he failed to catch Neela. Neela gets caught by the goons. Neil plans to free Neela.


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