Naamkarann: Neil to inspire Avni

Avni in Naamkarann

Neil decides to leave the house. Bebe gets upset with his decision. She stops Neil and asks him the reason of his decision. She doesn’t want Neil to risk his life. Neil explains her that he is going out for some work. She is annoyed and asks him does he not remember his Bebe, whom he used to talk and share his problems, why does he choose to conceal things. Neil tells her that he is just keeping things to himself, as he can’t find them worried.

Bebe tells him that she knows his concerns, but he should also know their concerns, he is their life. On the other hand, Avni takes charge in the clinic and treats Sunehri, in absence of the doctor. Avni tries to save Sunehri’s life. She gets tensed and gets her hands shaking. She then imagines Neil, who encourages her and tells her that she can never do anything with anyone. He tells her that very soon he will get Neela safely back. Avni gets inspired by Neil.


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