Quest for heir to upset KaiRa in Yeh Rishta…

Kartik and Naira to unite

Singhanias get upset that Dadi didn’t ask them for having the shank, and instead chose to steal it by cheating them. Kartik and Naira light the diyas on Dadi’s saying. Naira tells him that she wants to give happiness to Dadi. Kartik romances Naira in another unique way. Dadi and Surekha proceed to place the shank in Naira’s room. Dadi is hopeful to get her heir soon. Aryan learns Dadi’s planning and gets hurt. He feels he is not accepted by the family till now. Kartik and Naira have romantic moments. Aryan gets the shank off to fail Dadi’s plans.

Kartik and Naira catch him red-handed. Aryan gets angry on Kartik. Naira feels Aryan is too hurt and getting out his pain on others. They demand Aryan to answer them about the shank. Naira scolds Aryan for stealing her ancestral shank. Aryan gets into an argument with Kartik. Aryan’s bitterness hurts Kartik. Aryan blames Dadi for stealing the shank for her stupid motives of getting a heir.

Naira can’t believe that Dadi can do such a thing. Aryan asks her to question Dadi and know the truth. Naira scolds Aryan for framing Dadi for his mistake. Kartik understands Dadi is really at fault, while Naira defends Dadi. Kartik didn’t expect this from Dadi. Kartik confronts Dadi for her move. Naitik can’t understand the reason behind Dadi’s move. He thinks nothing can justify her. Naksh tells Naitik that Dadi would be using the shank for some solution. He doubts Dadi is up to something. Naitik tells him that if Dadi does anything wrong with Naira, he will not tolerate it.

Kartik asks Dadi to accept her mistake and tell them the truth. Dadi tells them that she was helpless to steal the shank for a puja which could give them a heir. The family gets upset with Dadi’s thinking.

Manish asks Dadi how could she do this. Dadi tries hard to justify herself and sound right. She believes she didn’t do anything wrong. She tells them that she did this for her family’s sake. Manish tells Dadi that she is really wrong. Suwarna and Manish don’t support Dadi. Kartik gets disturbed with Dadi’s mindset. She asks Naira to think that she is doing this for her happiness too. Naira tells Dadi that she has spoiled their happiness doing this. Kartik tells Dadi that he isn’t happy with her mistake. Dadi argues with Naira and demands Goenkas’ heir. Kartik decides to remain childless all his life and end the heir’s quest.


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