Avni to set her image clean in Naamkarann


Ballu threatens to kill Neela. Neil tries hard to save Neela from Ballu. Bebe seeks help from Ali. She learns about Neil. Ali tells Bebe that he has fooled Vidyut’s men as per Neil’s plan. Bebe feels Neil is getting involved in Vidyut’s matters again. She doesn’t want Vidyut to bring a storm in their lives again. She worries for Avni. She asks Ali to take her to Avni. Ali tells her that she can’t meet Avni. Bebe requests him to fulfill her wish. Ali gives his word. Neil tries to inform DD about Neela. He tells DD about Ballu kidnapping Neela. DD assures him that he will find Ballu and nab him.

Ragini Pandit sees Sunehri’s injured state and understands that Avni has laid this trap for her. She pities Sunehri. Avni feels guilty. Doctor tells jailer that he can’t reach the jail because of riots. Avni tells jailer that she has medical knowledge. She talks to the doctor and follows his instructions to cure Sunehri’s wound.

Avni loses courage. Neil appears in front of Avni’s eyes and motivates her into doing her best. Avni carefully performs the medical operation. She saves Sunehri’s life, much to everyone’s delight. Ragini Pandit plans to punish Avni for her deceive. Avni has another plan in her mind. Ballu hides Neela in the car. Neela learns about Vidyut’s plan. She doesn’t understand the matter completely.

Ragini Pandit tells jailer that Avni has laid a trap for her. She wants things to get difficult for Avni. She doesn’t want to take Avni along. She wants to end Vidyut’s love for Avni. Commissioner learns about Neil’s disguise. Neil reveals the entire plan to him. Neil tells him that he needs a chance to prove Avni’s innocence, else he would be compelled to break the law. He wants to save the law and also many innocent lives. He seeks permission from the commissioner. Avni gets interrogated by the jailer.

Commissioner visits the jail. He learns about Avni saving Sunehri’s life. He asks who has made the escape plan. Avni cleverly frames Ragini Pandit. Ragini Pandit tells him that Avni is lying. Avni proves Ragini Pandit is at fault. Ragini Pandit loses her cool and goes to attack Avni. Avni asks her to stop using her son’s position in her favor. Avni asks commissioner to severely punish Ragini Pandit. He gets convinced that Neil was right about Avni’s innocence. Avni plans to ruin Ragini Pandit.


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